This should be some kind of statement. A place where the visitor can identify me as something comprehensible. Well, lets do it.

I am a software developer. That’s what I do for living, and what I have been doing for a while. At the end it comes down to the fact that I always liked building things. I work mostly on the web, although I have with a huge interest in embedded systems. Currently I am mainly interested in online applications development, the history of the web and its possible futures, and some robotics, specially radio controlled sailplanes.

As always, there is other side: my career developed in part in humanities. For many years I edited and published nice essays on contemporary society and culture: I find quite interesting how our societies are changing, even when the difficulties we are facing are in part caused by our inexperience with the new new world: the web. Not to mention the connections between design and technology in a world where everything is becoming visual.

Personal dogmas:

  •  Bomarzo is one of the finest books ever written.
  •  Stalker makes me sleep, which is actually good.
  • Jazz is good, but latin jazz is better.
  • Flea markets are best place ever, always.

If you want more specific information please refer to my CV, or just ping me.